November 30, 2017

Tel Aviv: Israel Blues

Photos ⎮ kuvat: Katja K. 

ENG I've got the Israel blues a month after my trip – and 20 years after my first trip to the Holy Land. Here are some blue & grey shots from the Tel Aviv and Old Jaffa streets, like reflections of the omnipresent sea with its changing hues... and not even one image of the Mediterranean!

FIN Minulla on ikävä Israeliin, kun matkastani on kulunut kuukausi ja ensimmäisestä matkastani Pyhään maahan on 20 vuotta. Tässä on joitain sinisiä ja harmaita kuvia Tel Avivin ja vanhan Jaffan kaduilta, kuin heijastuksia kaikkialla läsnä olevasta merestä muuttuvine sävyineen... eikä kuvan kuvaa Välimerestä!

Goldman's Court (Nahum Goldmann St 6).

Kiosk Est 1920 – 1920 קיוסק מאז (Lilienblum St 3). – See the espresso cups in all the colors of the rainbow? 

And see the "nazar" (from Arabic ‏نظر‎, meaning sight, surveillance, attention, and other related concepts), an eye-shaped amulet believed to protect against the evil eye, in the above picture? Somebody was waiting for a passer-by?

"He remembered what Renoir had said when they told him that Gauguin had gone to Tahiti to paint. 'Why does he have to spend so much money to go so far away to paint when one paints so well here at the Batignolles?' It was better in French, 'quand on peint si bien aux Batignolles.' 
(Hemingway: "Islands in the Stream", 1970)

Love (adventures), Katja K.

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