October 6, 2015

Habitare 2015: Trash Cuisine, and Other Curiosities

Photos ⎮ kuvat: Katja K.  #habitare

ENG Gosh, time flies - its already been almost a month since Habitare, the largest furniture, interior decoration and design fair in Finland!  I knew right away what I liked, though, and here come my picks – Trash cuisine!

FIN Hitsi, kun aika rientää - Habitaresta on jo melkein kuukausi! Minä kuitenkin tiesin heti, mistä pidän, ja tässä tulevat minun poimintani – Trash cuisine!

Thought-provoking edible plates, can you imagine?
Great idea: old spoons as handles... and in case you're wondering, its funghi growing in the glass cylinders! 
Natalia Ritari's "Hani" luminaires, inspired by honeycombs, are made of waste material and used acrylic. - The wall lamp modules can be used both as lamps and acoustic lighting elements. 
A detail of Einari Saarinen's (Woodsaver) trash cuisine. 
Cake trays by ceramist Karin Widnäs-Weckström – glass lids on glasses?  Below: A great solution for organic waste in the kitchen.

Green Artek
A detail of Eri Shimatsuka's installation "Kuusikko".
Green walls are everywhere!

Black&White Quick Fixes
New pair of feet?
Or a chair's new robe?

A detail of the Kannustalo  "Lato" interior – I'd like that polka dot artwork, and it'd be easy to realize, too!
- I also loved the shiny black tiles in the "Lato" house Kannustalo had furnished for Habitare!

XXX, Katja K.

My friend Marzia and "1100 umbrellas", a canopy by Kaisa and Timo Berry from the Creative Design Agency BOTH, in the ahead! section of Habitare. 

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